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Cutting-edge Buicks, BlackHawk!! and 2004 Buick Regal Spy pictures!! - PGA info

There is no question that Buick's Grand National and Turbo Regal have proven themselves on the dragstrips and back roads of America. The combination of modern technology wrapped in a classic musclecar package lends itself to quick elapsed times and a very loyal following. Street/strip use generally dictates a customary set of modifications that leaves the cars with a fairly standardized look. In fact, it's surprisingly difficult to build (or find) a truly unique Turbo Regal in the street/strip vein.
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By Chris Endres
Photography By Johnny Hunkins
You can’t really drive concept cars. As good as they look and as promising as their powerplants sound on paper, they are styling statements built for smoke and mirrors, not smoking tires.

The Buick Blackhawk, however, is different. This is one concept built for reality. The rolling, snorting, fast-moving car is the product of one of those sneaky back-room projects in which a group of rogue GM car nuts somehow get the clearance—and the resources—to build the car of their dreams. Anything they want from GM’s vast parts bin is at their disposal. And because these guys know what a real Buick is supposed to be, the Blackhawk has a unique style that hearkens back to the flair and muscular lines of Buicks of yesteryear. The men behind this machine are former Buick special vehicles manager Michael E. Doble and former Buick designer Steven D. Pasteiner. Doble is responsible for 15 years’ worth of Buick concept cars. Pasteiner designed such memorable muscle-Buicks as the GS models of the late ’60s, the Regals of the ’70s and the Grand National and GNX models of the ’80s. He now runs his own design and prototype company in Michigan.
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Here's a good look at Buick's future: the 2004 Regal. According to GM insiders, to simplify the Buick brand offerings the Regal will be Buick's lone nameplate in the midsize sector, with the Century dropping out of production. While the upcoming Regal has a strong styling relationship with the current one, the new car sports a number of visual cues that hearken back to important Buicks of the past. Most noticeable are the portholes in the front fender, a trademark of Buicks of the '50s and '60s...
More info here


Shhhhhhh—this is an exclusive spy reportbased on insider information.

Story's and Pictures from
Popular Mechanics site
DETROIT - John Middlebrook, GM vice president, announced today that GM will transfer title-sponsorship of the Oldsmobile Scramble, the world's largest amateur golf tournament, to Buick beginning in 2002. GM also announced that it will transfer its involvement with the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup Matches to Cadillac beginning in 2002. In addition, Buick will become the official car of the PGA of America.

More Info here.

Article from GM media site.

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