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Snake Driver Snake Driver

It features a 12" flexible shaft that allows you to drive screws, nuts, and bolts from virtually any angle It works great in those hard to reach areas such as car engines, under the dash, around corners, behind heavy appliances, in high places, and much more Its flexible design allows you to twist and turn the shaft 360 degrees for the tightest areas and it still works It is so durable, you could run it over with a truck and it still works It comes with a lifetime guarantee

Screwdriver 41 pc. Set Screwdriver 41 pc. Set

The 41pc Screwdriver Set Is The Strongest And Most Versatile Kit Available! Now Featuring... A comfort designed sure grip handle One 1/4 inch adapter One extention driver for tough to reach jobs And a FREE heavy duty carrying & storage case

Flexi-Driver Flexi-Driver

If you do any handy-work around the house, you probably know how hard it is to get your screwdriver into some places. The Flexi-Driver helps you get into those difficult places by doing all the bending so you don't have to! The Flexi-Driver is a screwdriver that has a flexible arm that can reach those awkward or hard-to-reach places that you physically can't! This 22-piece set comes with 1 driver, 1 flexi-arm, 1 extension, 9 sockets, 10 bits and a handy carrying case. The Flexi-Driver is also compatible with battery-operated screwdriver handles.

Griot's Garage:: Body Filler and Paint Thickness Gauge (Paints & Primers) Griot's Garage:: Body Filler and Paint Thickness Gauge (Paints & Primers)

Spot A Damaged Panel Or A Rust Bucket With Our Body Filler And Paint Thickness GaugeThis gauge is a huge step up from the, "marginal at best", magnetic paint thickness gauges that you'll find at the corner auto store. Nothing to calibrate. Simply press the gauge onto a steel panel, press down on the red button and see which light illuminates. If the green light comes on, it means that there is between 0 and 8 mils of paint and body filler on top of the steel panel. A yellow light means between 8 and 15 mils. A red light means there is over 15 mils of paint and body filler and you should take a second look at the panel for previous damage and rust repair. Though it doesn't tell you exactly how much body filler and paint lurks underneath, (see elsewhere in this Handbook for the ultimate Digital Paint Gauge) it will at least give you an accurate reading to warn you of trouble. Invest in this simple gauge and you won't regret your next "bondo bucket" purchase. Made in Germany.

AngleDriver AngleDriver

The complete tool for all your needs! Reach any awkward angle... A must for your car, RV, camper, boat, office and home! Easy to use Sure grip handle Interfaces with any power tool Hundreds for combinations High torque 24 interchangeable bits; magnetized, allen, slotted, phillips, robertson, and others!

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