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Top : Buick Resource : VIN & Engine Info : Vin Information for 1974 to 96 GM cars showing Engine Type :
Engine Model and Type Codes A thru O

A 140-1V 75-77
A 231-2V 77-87
A 138-MFI (DOHC) 89-95
B 140-2V 75-77
B 350-EFI (CADILLAC) 78-79
B 350-4V (BUICK) 81
B 121-2V (OHV) 83-84
B 231-MFI 86-88
B 300-MFI 91-95
C 231-2V 75-77
C 196-2V 78-79
C 98-2V 82-87
C 231-MFI 88-91
C 245-MFI (DOHC) 95
D 250-1V 75-79
D 110-DIESEL 81-86
D 138-MFI (DOHC) 87-95
D 191-TBI 90-95
E 98-1V 76-79
E 181-2V 82-85
E 305-MFI 88-93
F 260-2V (V8) 75-81
F 151-2V 82-84
F 305-EFI 85-93
G 262-2V 75-76
G 231-2V (TURBO) 78
G 305-2V 79
G 112-2V (OHV) 82
G 305-4V 84-88
G 134-TBI 90-91
H 350-2V (CHEVROLET) 75
H 350-2V (BUICK) 75-77
H 305-4V 78-88
H 122-MFI 92-94
I 85-1V 76-77
J 350-4V (BUICK) 75-77
J 98-1V 78
J 267-2V 79-82
J 112-MFI (OHC TURBO) 84-86
J 350-MFI (DOHC) 89-95
K 231 TPI 95
K 350-4V (CHEVROLET) 75
K 350-4V (OLDSMOBILE) 75
K 403-4V 77-79
K 229-2V 80-84
K 91-2V 85-86
K 122-TBI (OHC) 87-91
L 350-4V (CHEVROLET) 76-82
L 173-2V 83-84
L 181-MFI 85-88
L 231-TPI 90-95
M 350-2V (PONTIAC) 75-77
M 200-2V 78-79
M 61-2V 85-86
M 122-MFI (OHC TURBO) 87-90
M 191-MFI 93-95
N 400-2V (PONTIAC) 75-76
N 204-MFI 89-93
O 122-EFI 76
O 98-1V 79-80

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