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BOP Engineering
New Browser http://www.bopengineering.com/

BPE Racing Heads
New Browser http://www.bpeheads.com/

eBay! - Get your Auto Parts and very good Deals here!!!
New Browser http://www.qksrv.net/click-443750-2035485
Click here for eBay Motors!

Gardner Exhaust Systems
New Browser http://www.gardnerexhaust.com/

GearHead Cafe
New Browser http://www.gearheadcafe.com/cgi-bin/affiliate/click.cgi?bartech

GearHead Cafe FACTORY AUTHORIZED OEM shop manual CD-ROMs provide written technical information covering 1909-1979 Ford, GM, MOPAR, and other classic cars and trucks, Scanned from the originals with an easy to use menu driven format that includes all of the original illustrations in CD-ROM format for your PC!.
This gives you the ability to view technical information from your personal computer. Our products work under any Windows operating system. When using your manuals for rebuilding or maintaining your auto, you might need several manuals to do the job. Our CD-Roms include ALL manuals specified for your make and model on one CD. For one low price.

Grubb Performance"Gears are Us"
New Browser http://www.gearsareus.com

Harper's Racing
New Browser http://www.harpersracing.com/

James Ibusuki Automotive Portraiture
New Browser http://www.dragracingart.com/

Jay's GN Parts and Repair
New Browser http://www.jaysgn.com/

Joe Tripodi
New Browser http://turboracer.tripod.com/

Kirban Performance Products
New Browser http://www.kirbanperformance.com/

Lauren Engineering
New Browser http://www.laureneng.com/

Level 10
New Browser http://www.levelten.com/
200-4R transmission rebuilds/upgrades

Lo-Tek Engineering
New Browser http://www.gaugepods.com/

Lou's Automotive
New Browser http://www.geocities.com/turbolou_2000/

Loveridge Machine
New Browser http://www.loveridgemachine.com/
V6 3.8 & 4.1 liter stud girdle kits, CNC machine shop

Modern Musclecar - Mike Licht
New Browser http://www.modernmusclecar.com/

National Performance - Ken Seggie
New Browser http://www.interlog.com/~gnttype

Precision Industries
New Browser http://www.converter.com/

RK Kustom Auto Accessories
New Browser http://www.rkkustom.com/

TDS Technologies - Ken Mosher
New Browser http://www.turbo-link.com

Turbo Buick Newsletter site
New Browser http://turbobuicknewsletter.com/

Turbonetics, Inc.
New Browser http://www.turboneticsinc.com/

Turbo Regal Custom Parts
New Browser http://www.buickgn.com

Vortex Valve™ Installation
New Browser http://www.vortexvalve.com/installs/buick/

Welcome to HRpartsNstuff
New Browser http://hometown.aol.com/hrpartsnstuff/myhomepage/auto.html

Zero to Sixty Performance Products
New Browser http://www.zerotosixty.com/

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